Today: Monday, 22 April 2024 year

Munich shooting: German-Iranian teenager kills nine and himself

German police investigating the current case: shooting in Munich at the nearby Olympia shopping center last night. According to the police reports, an 18-year-old German-Iranian kills nine and himself. He acted alone, his motive is still unclear, the teenager had no criminal record. 

Last night the young shooter in Munich killed nine people, then shooted himself with no motive at all. Police notes, that teenager was German-Iranian descent, had no criminal past, that’s why his act looks so suspicious. No trace on his radicalisation as well no ties with IS has found so far.

Nine people killed and 16 were injured during the shooting, initiator of which became the young German-Iranian resident of Munich. The teenager opened fire near a fast-food restaurant and then again at the nearby Olympia shopping center. An incident registered at 18:00, after shooting he fled the scene, so police at one point engaged and shot at him, only for him to escape. They later found him dead, killed by a self-inflicted gunshot. The corpse was roughly one kilometer (just over half-a-mile) from the scene of the initial shooting.

After all, the teenager killed himself, his corpse was found in 1 km from the Olympia shopping center. Munich was in lockdown for hours; even the public transport was suspended until the early hours of Saturday. On Friday Munich police chief Hubertus Andrä called this operation as “without doubt my most difficult day” in his career.