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This Obama lookalike gets pestered for photos everywhere he goes

This Obama lookalike gets pestered for photos everywhere he goes

Barack Obama has a doppelganger who lives in Cape Verde, the 43-year-old Jose Oliveira says he gets stopped numerous times a day by people commenting on the resemblance.

Barack Obama doesn’t know that he has a man who looks like absolutely like him, the doppelganger lives with his family in Cape Verde.Jose Oliveira is 43 years old, he is a happy father of five and works as a tour guide.

“Ever since Barack Obama was made president I have had people stopping me to tell me I look like him, so it has been happening for almost 10 years now,” 

Jose laughs.

Jose and admirers

Tourists are asking all the time if Jose is Obama’s brother and wants to make a selfie with Oliveira. The tour guide from North Africa isn’s not bothered by the number of people who stop him because of his famous doppelganger. ‘Oh my God, you look just like Obama!’ that is the first reactions of tourists from all around the world when they met their guide.

‘I find it very funny and I don’t mind posing for photographs with people.’


According to Mr Oliveira, in average he has at least 15 photographs and selfies taken every day. The lookalike with the ex-president Jose finds very flattering:

‘President Obama is a good man, so I like it when people compare me to him. It is also good for business.’

Jose prefers to wear casual clothing and never try to dress like Obama or copy him in any way. Oliveira believes he is just himself, but people still stop to tell him how much I look like him. When he was asked would he like to work as an Obama lookalike, Jose maybe would if given the opportunity. That’s a good and honest job, which could allow father-of-five support his big family.

“I have never said I look like Obama, people tell me I do, and it’s cool. But personally I say Barack Obama looks like me,”

laughs Jose.