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Oxfam GB banned from Haiti after sexual misconduct scandal

Oxfam GB banned from Haiti after sexual misconduct scandal

Oxfam GB, a British charity organization, banned from Haiti after sexual scandal. In February, seven senior Oxfam staff working in Haiti had been allowed to resign after an investigation into allegations of paying young women for sex, downloading pornography, and other sexual misconduct.

Oxfam GB’s activity in Haiti is stopped because of the temporary suspension had been issued in February.  Mark Goldring, Oxfam’s chief executive, is to resign at the end of the year, following his deputy, Penny Lawrence, who quit in February, at the top of scandal linked to sexual misconduct, bullying and prostitution. That is definitely not an empowering women as Oxfam promised on their slogans.

Haiti authorities announced that The British branch of Oxfam is a persona non grata by the government for what it described as violations of law and human dignity. Oxfam’s spokesperson said that ‘the behaviour of some former Oxfam staff working in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake was completely unacceptable’ but the charity organization will continue its supporting activity in Haiti via affiliate members in Italy, Spain and the Canadian province of Quebec.

Sexual scandal in Haiti: Oxfam staff ‘made mistakes’

In February, Oxfam top management offered its “humblest apologies” to Haitian persons who became the victims of those circumstances. After such ashaming spot on the charity’s reputation made thousands of people around the world to stop making regular donations to the Oxfam and its British branch after the scandal emerged.

Mark Goldring, Oxfam GB CEO, announced his resignation last month, saying that someone else should help “rebuild” the group following the scandal. Meanwhile, Haiti’s minister of planning and external cooperation, Aviol Fleurant, said a draft law was being prepared to give the government closer control over foreign charities operating in the country.