Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Protesters interrupted another Donald Trump rally

Donald Trump’s campaign led him on Friday to North Carolina, where he gave a speech in front of 7,000 people gathered to see the Republican front-runner in person. Although almost every Trump rally had protesters infiltrated, these one in North Carolina saw at least 10 separate distortions, says CNN.

Yes, Trump might have a lot of admirers, but a lot of people hate him as well

There are people that don’t agree with Donald Trump’s policies to run the country if he gets elected President. And they are not few. According to the same source, during Trump’s speech in North Carolina, protests began about five minutes after the businessman started to speak and continued until his closing lines nearly 45 minutes later.

Different individuals and groups were able to do that thanks to a good strategy: they were spread out into the location. “Black lives matter.” or “Stop the hate, we make America great.” were some of the messages posted by the protesters. Of course, security escorted them out. If at first Donald Trump was relaxed and didn’t seemed to mind all the interruptions, “Make sure that young lady is in beautiful shape,” Trump said after the first interruption, after later interruptions, his frustration rose.

Donald Trump almost lost his patience

“Why don’t you take them out the nearest door instead of walking them through the whole place?”, said the businessman after the eighth incident, according to CNN.

“If I could speak to these four people, I’d say, ‘Look, you may be a Democrat, you may be a liberal, who cares, we’re going to make our country strong, we’re going to make it good. I really think I could talk sense into them. … But remember there’s only four people.”, said the Republican candidate, in a try to convince the protesters to join his cause.

His speech went normal, despite the interruptions, but Trump ended up taking questions from the audience much earlier in his event than typical, says the same source.

Protesters were removed from the rally

According to Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison, the authorities removed about 25 protesters from the event. Western Wake Fire Rescue Capt. Brian Egan confirmed that there were 7,800 people at the rally.

Not not all protesters were escorted peacefully. One of them, Romain Stanley, posted on twitter the incident on the way out. “Forcibly removed from #trump rally. Trump supporters kicked me, grabbed my neck, pushed me, and more all while security jacks me up. Awful,”, twitted Stanley.

Nobody was arrested

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison told CNN that no arrests were made. “To my knowledge, we didn’t arrest anybody, we just escorted them out,” he said, adding that the authorities present at the event tried to maintain things in order. A combination of the Wake County Sheriff Department, Secret Service, Trump security, North Carolina State Fairgrounds Police and Highway Patrol were working to keep the peace.

Donald Trump’s rhetorics about immigrants and foreigners during his whole campaign “attracted” a considerable number of protesters urging people not to vote for the Republican front-runner.