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Rihanna, Drake: couple split because of Taylor Swift?

Rihanna, Drake: couple split because of Taylor Swift?

Rihanna splits up with Drake after his uploading the photos with Taylor Swift. The Barbadian singer decided to move on in her life but, reportedly, expressed her angry to her ex.

Rihanna doesn’t like Taylor Swift and it is not about music but man between them. Not so long time ago, on his birthday, Drake upload their photo with Taylor, both they were chatting during the rapper’s B-Day party. The RnB singer found these photos unacceptable and immediately strongly recommended to Drake to delete photos from his Instagram account.

While Rihanna is angry with a new passion of Drake, the rapper recently was seen in a pet shop. The Canadian was buying stuff for Taylor Swift’s cats. After that, Rihanna understood their relationships with Drake is over. Many fans are sure she still loves the rapper.

Rihanna’s ex-beau Drake with Taylor Swift?

The Barbadian singer got furious after Drake shared an intimate photo with Taylor Swift, at the singer’s B-day bash at Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood on October 23. It seems to be that Rihanna’s ex-beau Drake is dating with Taylor Swift, but nobody knows exactly. In a case of Ms Swift, everything is moody because she is used shift her boys too often.

The recent Swift’s ‘love’, the British actor Tom Hiddleston, is still astounded with such a short romance with Taylor. Probably, Drake as a prominent singer is just PR reason for sly Taylor, experts suggest.

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