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Russia fears Russophobia in the Czech Republic

Russia fears Russophobia in the Czech Republic

Russophobia is growing in the Czech Republic, in connection with which the number of offenses in connection with the violation of human rights in relation to Russian-speaking citizens is growing.

“We note with concern the growing number of cases of manifestation of everyday Russophobia in the Czech Republic, offenses on this basis against Russian-speaking citizens. Almost every day, the Czech media and social networks report harassment of Russian-speakers in universities, infringement of their rights, denial of services, including medical, as well as the facts of verbal and physical attacks,” the Russian diplomatic mission said in a statement.

Such situations contribute to the humiliation of human rights and completely violate international legal instruments, including the UN Charter and international human rights covenants. Such offenses cannot be justified by any external or internal political moments.The Embassy of the Russian Federation sent a letter of request to resolve conflicts motivated by Russophobia. The statement reads as follows: “We expect that the country’s leadership and Czech society will adhere to a principled position on the issue of inadmissibility of discrimination based on language and nationality “

The Russian representation among its citizens located on the territory of the Czech Republic, at meetings, directly contacts with representative bodies, as well as with the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic and the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Prague