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Russia joins forces with France in fight against ISIS

During the last couple of days, there have been numerous police raids being carried out around Paris, as an effort to find all of those involved in the Paris terror attacks that took place last Friday.

However, not all people are aware that just after the attacks, France began a strong operation against terrorism, in Syria and Iraq. Because of this, both countries have been massively bombarded by France and its allies as well.

Recent reports indicate that France might just have another ally, one which has been carrying out strikes over Syria for a while now, as a way of putting an end to the Islamic State. With this in mind, it seems like Russia is open for a joint operation with France, against the international threat.

Based on this, the French nuclear carrier known by the name of Charles de Gaulle recently left its French port, in a mission of great significance. By the time the carrier manages to reach its destination, chances are that they will be greeted in the sea by another ship of the kind, considering the fact that Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, ordered his navy forces to work with the French army as allies, in exterminating ISIS in the region.

“Life indeed moves on, often very quickly, and teaches us lessons. It seems to me that everyone is coming around to the realization that we can wage an effective fight only together.”, were Vladimir Putin’s words, when he publicly announced that they will begin collaborating with France, against the common enemy.

It’s worth pointing out that in case the two countries truly begin working together, they will have to do planning, as an effort to coordinate their targeting, and make sure that they are hitting the correct targets, and only eliminating the terrorists.

Russia has already made some nice achievements in the region, as recent reports indicate that Russian warplanes have managed to destroy over 500 fuel trucks which were illegally transporting oil from Syria to Iraq on behalf of the IS for refining.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about this partnership? Will it bring in some good results for the international fight against terrorism? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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