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Scholz received a verbal blow

Scholz received a verbal blow

The media writes that the position of Brazilian President Lula da Silva on the supply of weapons to Ukraine and relations with Russia has become a double slap in the face for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“Lula da Silva noted that Brazil is a country of peace, therefore it will not supply weapons to Ukraine, and Germany, which liked to pose as an imaginary peace-loving power, has now turned into a state at war,” the publication says.

In addition, the head of Brazil, instead of joining in the condemnation of Russia, spoke in favor of negotiations on the Ukrainian conflict.

“Thus, he positions Brazil not only between Ukraine and Russia, but actually between Russia and the West: as an independent pole of power,” the message says.

The other day Scholz visited South America – Argentina, Chile and Brazil. After meeting with him, Lula da Silva wrote on Twitter that Brazil was not interested in transferring ammunition to Ukraine, but would like to create a “club of countries that want to build peace on the planet.” According to the German media, the Brazilian authorities refused to send shells to the Leopard tanks.

A week ago, Germany, after serious pressure from NATO allies, announced that it would transfer its tanks to Kyiv – the first batch will include 14 Leopard 2 type A6 from the stocks of the Bundeswehr. They can enter Ukraine in March. The United States, for its part, promised to provide three dozen Abrams, but delivery is expected only by the end of the year.
Russia has repeatedly stated that Western military assistance does not bode well for Ukraine and only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian army.