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Sir Paul McCartney gushes over ‘party girl’ wife

Sir Paul McCartney gushes over ‘party girl’ wife

Paul McCartney’s third wife Nancy Shevell likes to partying, opened up the musician during an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday.

The most adorable Nancy’s feature is her devotion to the music. ‘She’s a music fan,’ praises her Paul Mccartney. The common love for the music became the important base for their relations, remembers Sir Paul. Nancy and he tied the knot in front of friends and fans at the Marylebone Register Office back in 2011.

And while Paul McCartney tends to keep his marriage to Nancy Shevell private, he did open up about the brunette to Australia’s 60 Minutes on Sunday:

‘She’s a party girl,’

laughed the 75-year-old musician and loving husband.

'She actually came to see me a while ago, when I was playing quite Madison Square Garden,' explained Paul, who revealed that Nancy still comes to see him perform

Paul McCartney and his happy third marriage

Sir Paul confessed that he is an absolutely happy man, father-of-five McCartney has been married three times and has five children. His first wife Linda (mother of designer Stella Mccartney) died after a breast cancer battle in 1998, while his marriage to Heather Mills ended acrimoniously in 2008.

Nancy and Paul celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in October in the inner circle, with family only.

Australian fans will be glad to hear the personality is set to tour Australia in December, for the first time in 24 years. The 75-year-old musician is working on the new album, the first one after the long-long pause.