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Suicide bombers leave multiple victims after twin attack in Tunis

Suicide bombers leave multiple victims after twin attack in Tunis

Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up in Tunis, Tunisia with one person dead. As CNN reported, after one terrorist hit a police car, the second was reportedly witnessed at the government anti-terrorist headquarters.

In the capital of Tunisia, the heavily-armed police cordoned off the sites of the recent bomb explosion. The double attack has caused several casualties in Tunis and took the life of one person.

For Tunis, where the last suicide bombing was registered in 2015 the terror attack became a surprise. The violence came four years after scores of people were killed in a spate of attacks claimed by the Daesh.

A witness said that the first explosion was targeted at a police car in Charles de Gaulle street in downtown Tunis. The Interior Ministry’s statement reads that one police officer was killed and at least one other officers and three civilians were wounded not far from the French embassy.

The second explosion the al-Qarjani district injured four civilians, while army officers attempt to direct the crowds as panicked civilians pace the blood-splattered streets.

The social media is full of videos that show a man lying in the street with blood pouring from his head.

“At 11am an individual blew himself up outside the back door,” interior ministry spokesman Sofiene Zaag confirmed during a meeting with press.