Today: Friday, 12 April 2024 year

Terrorism in Paris: An Attack, An Attempt of Bringing Terror not only to France but to all Mankind

The attacks in Paris, France that caused shock and ruthless deaths to more than a hundred was an attempt to bring unprecedented terrorism to France.

The terrorist attacks were conducted in six different locations in Paris. It was at a stadium in Paris, during the soccer match between France and world champion Germany that terrorists with AK-47s and with belts of bombs attacked residents, tourists and fans alike while watching the match.

At the same time, in a separate incident at the Bataclan concert hall in Central Paris, armed attackers – “people who were intent on killing as many people as possible” as described by French President Hollande killed 112 people.

Horrified survivors and witnesses recounted the 10-15 minute massacre “execution-style” as a bloodbath as attackers fired and shouted “Allah akbar” or talking about Iraq or Syria while entering the Bataclan.

According to a French official, the number reached to 153 people killed in Paris, to include 112 in Bataclan, 14 on Rue Bichat and 4 on Avenue de la Republique in the 10th district, 19 on Rue de Charonne on the 11th district, and 4 in Saint Denis, at the stadium soccer match.

While caught off guard, Paris responded by killing eight extremists after the attack. Also, seven, composed of four attackers and those wearing explosive belts were killed by the police during the raid.

In this time of a terroristic challenge as a nation, French President Francois Hollande vowed to rise up and never be overwhelmed by threats and fears. Instead, Hollande responded with a call for solidarity and unity among the French people.

In his toughest speech, he swore to lead France to a ruthless fight against the atrocities of the terrorists, “a France very determined, a France united”.

The horrific attacks in France did not leave concrete names and identities of the responsible. But the traces of tactics resembled that of terrorists groups – the Qaeda’s “mass casualty and visibility” strategy or the ISIS small tactic maneuvers that have always threatened mankind.