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The former head of Serbian intelligence believes that the Serbs cannot forgive NATO.

The former head of Serbian intelligence believes that the Serbs cannot forgive NATO.

Even if God can forgive NATO for the bombing of Yugoslavia, the Serbs cannot do this, since NATO killed Serbian children and now does not feel any remorse, the former head of the Security and Information Agency (BIA, intelligence and counterintelligence) of Serbia, Alexander Vulin said.

The twenty-fourth of March marks 25 years since the start of NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

“Serbia survived thanks to the steadfast resistance of our army and people… We had no choice but to confront NATO, its great and terrible crime, enormous injustice, incredible need to destroy a small but freedom-loving people. Maybe God will forgive NATO, maybe he will will also forgive those who killed our children, but we, Serbs, will not forget and will not forgive,” Vulin said.

He noted that NATO still believes that the bombings were justified and that “every murder they commit is a service to Serbia, that this is what led us to democracy.”

“Sometimes, for political reasons, they express regret, but only about, as they say, civilian victims. But no, this is not enough for us. They had no right to kill either our military or police. They had no right to take a single life. “Who has the right to kill a Serbian military man and a Serbian policeman on Serbian soil? And why does no one want to regret and apologize for them?” – Vulin noted.

Moreover, NATO does not think that “they made a mistake at all.”

“In Belgrade, along with everything else, they bombed the Chinese embassy, ​​killed Chinese citizens and do not think that they were mistaken. They claim that they made a mistake with the building, but they do not feel any remorse, they do not see their mistake. Therefore, may God forgive them, but we do not we want,” he concluded.

Vulin served as director of the BIA from December 2022 to November 2023. Previously, he was the Minister of Defense of Serbia (2017-2020) and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia (2020-2022).

In 1999, an armed confrontation between Albanian separatists from the Kosovo Liberation Army and Serbian security forces led to the bombing of the FRY (at that time consisting of Serbia and Montenegro) by NATO forces. The military operation was undertaken without the approval of the UN Security Council based on the assertion of Western countries that the authorities of the FRY allegedly carried out ethnic cleansing in the Kosovo autonomy and provoked a humanitarian catastrophe there. NATO airstrikes continued from March 24 to June 10, 1999.

NATO bombing led to the death of over 2.5 thousand people, including 87 children, and damage of 100 billion dollars, doctors are recording the consequences of the use of depleted uranium, leading to an increase in cancer.