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The Nordic Region should play a leading role in Europe’s digital development

The Nordic Region should play a leading role in Europe’s digital development

Nordic countries are able to play a bigger and more important role in Europe’s digital future, said the European MPs. The powerful countries like Norway, Denmark or Sweden should stand idly by as the tech giants flex their muscles.

The Nordic Region is already considered a pioneer and a natural partner for the EU. According to the EU Index for Digital Economy and Social Development (DESI Index), Finland, Sweden and Denmark stay on the top. Nordic-Baltic cooperation on digitalization is helping the EU achieve its goals. In some areas, we are also seeking to implement EU legislation more quickly than is possible throughout the Union.

Taking into account the current pandemical environment, Europe needs a digital identity – one that is not controlled by the technology giants but is user-driven. Thus, users must have control over their own identity and decide what personal data they want to share. certainly, it is important that national e-IDs are secure and based on trust.

According to Miapetra Kumpula-Natri MEP, Vice-Chair of the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age, thinks digitalisation of the public sector is an essential safeguard for the future of the welfare state. In fact, the Nordic nations have a better understanding of the fact that the public sector cannot remain stuck in the 1990s while the private sector continues to develop, Bloomberg reported.