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‘This is an invasion’: Trump sending 5,200 troops to US-Mexico border for migrant caravan

‘This is an invasion’: Trump sending 5,200 troops to US-Mexico border for migrant caravan

President Trump ordered to send 5,200 troops to the US-Mexico border to keep the situation under control, while a caravan of migrants walking towards it. The national leader called that “invasion”, SkyNews reported on Tuesday.

Donald Trump has warned the migrants they would find the US military waiting for them on the US-Mexico border, President also added that “tent cities” would be built to house those who are seeking asylum in the USA.

Gen O’Shaughnessy said the troops would be deployed by the end of the week with weapons, helicopters, aeroplanes, barriers and miles of razor wire to support border patrol agents. During Monday’s briefing, the US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan told reporters the Mexican migrants were estimated to be several weeks away from reaching the US border.

According to the US military officials, 800 soldiers were heading to Texas “right now” on Monday afternoon to “harden” the southern border before the remaining troops join them later.

 “This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!” said the US Presidents to the migrants.

History of sending American troops to US-Mexico border

There were at least two cases when President of the US had to send the military troops for keeping the order on the US-Mexico border.  Barack Obama sent some 1,200 National Guard soldiers to guard the boundary, while George W Bush deployed about 6,000 troops to help Border Patrol in what was called Operation Jump Start. Both deployments lasted for about a year, so, Mr Trump’s actions are not unique or unexpected.

The soldiers are being deployed by the Pentagon as part of a mission dubbed Operation Faithful Patriot to support the border control and about 2,100 National Guard forces who have already been sent there after April request by President.

They will mainly come from major army bases from across the entire country, two US officials said on condition of anonymity.

“If they apply for asylum, we’re going to hold them until such time as their trial takes place. We’re going to hold them, we’re going to build tent cities, we’re gonna build tents all over the place,” Donald Trump said in an interview on Monday.