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Trump’s office announced a new agressive police towards ‘troika of tyranny’

Trump’s office announced a new agressive police towards ‘troika of tyranny’

Donald Trump‘s office has announced the new tough policy towards three South American countries, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, Independent reported.

President Trump called Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua as ‘troika of tyranny’, whose ruling methods are just unacceptable in the modern world. President’s national security advisor also defends three South American countries’ people that have personally suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the regimes in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, “only to survive, fight back, conquer, and overcome.” John Bolton promised in his speech in Miami, Florida, that troika of tyranny in this hemisphere “has finally met its match”.

Visiting Miami, which is home to large numbers of migrants from Latin and South Americas, John Bolton promised a tough stance by the White House towards “dictators and despots” in the US’ vicinities. The national security advisor also announced that Donald Trump had signed an executive order to ban US persons from dealing with entities and individuals involved with “corrupt or deceptive” gold sales from Venezuela.

Nikki Haley told the UN General Assembly that the recently adopted resolution 27 was an opportunity for countries “to feel they can poke the United States in the eye”.

“But you’re not hurting the United States when you do this. You are literally hurting the Cuban people by telling the regime that their treatment of their people is acceptable,” The US ambassador to the UN said ahead of the vote.