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The U.S. agents of influence abroad: Western intelligence officer teaches at Russian FSB

The U.S. agents of influence abroad: Western intelligence officer teaches at Russian FSB

The eight years of Democrat Obama’s ruling made America different, President Barack Obama has reset relations with several countries, abandoned old allies and shook hands to former enemies, he also received the Nobel Peace Prize and started several military campaigns.

However, the ordinary Americans will remember Obama’s presidency as a ruling of the person who increased the budget spending on the military-industrial complex and launched the program Obamacare.

We have tried to understand where the taxpayers money came to, apart from the obvious items. One of the ministries’ senior told in a private conversation about the training program for agents of influence, which is conservatively estimated to spend at least $ 30 billion annually.

The religious component is the principal rate of this program, this topic is popular as never before in the world where more and more conflicts going on religious grounds.

Let’s start with the fact that religion has always been used as an effective tool of social control and containment of the masses. In recent years, it began to be used to disrupt the existing order in the world because the religion is one of the forms of social consciousness. Such a tool is subtly influencing the young people, as a rule.

The existence in the modern world order of numerous groups and movements allows reflecting the diversity of people involved in these formations: from supporters of classical Protestantism to the Amish. In our country we tolerantly accept the differences in the religious beliefs, or at least try to do this.

However, in countries with which the United States has the long relationship of varying degrees of strength, the situation is not so unambiguous. It is possible to explain it with a little retard of the US on the issue of the building a democratic state. But as an option, based on the words of our source, we can talk about the work of agents of influence, prepared by our intelligence services. Public opinion leaders are presenting themselves as persons who promote dialogue, but in fact, they are just trying to stigmatize religious movements, labelling them the sects.

An example of such an approach is Fetthulah Gülen in Turkey, this person during a long period of time was forming an army of adherents, whom systematically implemented to the authorities with the only aim–to destabilize the situation in the country. Actually, we all know about the attempted coup.

Our ‘sworn’ friend — the Russian Federation, has its own Gülen — Alexander Dvorkin.

Being a specialist on the totalitarian sectarianism (what is this and what the reasons for its occurrence, no one knows because nobody studied this discipline at all prior to Dvorkin) is taking a lot of steps for acquiring laurels preacher Gülen truth is on Orthodox soil.

It is worth to note that Dvorkin converted to Christianity from Judaism. By the way, he argued that Satanists only do not pose a danger to society.

An odious personality, known in Russia as the mentally unhealthy person, Dvorkin was educated in the USA, but lived a long time in our country.

The question then arises: why and for how long the American taxpayers will be forced to maintain such a preachers?