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UK to lift most COVID-19 restrictions next week

UK to lift most COVID-19 restrictions next week

The United Kingdom is ready to make the final step or Step Four of England’s roadmap out of the lockdown, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said. Next week, most COVID-19 restrictions in England will end.

The UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed Monday that the country enters the final phase of the coronavirus roadmap. The lockdown and the respective restrictions will be ended on July 19.

Commenting on the upcoming lifting, Javid said: “If not now, when? There will never be a perfect time to take this step because we simply cannot eradicate this virus.”

But this still needs to be confirmed on Monday following a review of the latest data by the government.

The UK lifts corona restrictions

From July 19, no more limits on social contact to allow people to gather in groups of any size will take effect. Additionally, the “one meter-plus” rule will be forgotten, except for specific places such as airports. Britons will no longer be required to work from home, and the office life will restart in its usual pre-covid mode.

Despite improving the health situation across the country and the EU, scientists have warned that lifting all restrictions at this stage could increase the likelihood of dangerous variants.

Boris Johnson’s government will still recommend the use of face masks in crowded areas. Health Secretary Javid said that the government is now on track to offer every adult a dose of the vaccine by July 19, Xinhua reports.

More than 87 percent of adults in Britain have received the first jab of COVID-19 vaccine and over 66 percent have received two doses, the latest official figures showed.