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Vienna plans ‘vaccination parties’ for young people

Vienna plans ‘vaccination parties’ for young people

The idea of vaccination parties for younger people could accelerate the Austrian covid-19 vaccine campaign. Despite the availability of a vaccine, Austrians aren’t in hurry.

The city of Vienna strongly believes that the vaccination parties are the answer to a vaccination crisis. The idea has come forward as businesses across Austria prepare for further opening steps on 1 July when the federal government will roll back Covid-19 restrictions, including the midnight curfew for hospitality venues.

The concept is a relaxed outdoor setting with live music where people would be invited to receive their vaccine and have the basic immunisation required to attend nightclubs and other late-night venues.

Regarding the reopening of the nightclubs, the City of Vienna has said it might not relax all Covid-19 measures on 1 July in line with the rest of Austria. Access to night-time venues might only be granted to people that have been fully vaccinated or recovered from the virus and not those that test negative.

The plan proposes the use of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and the suggested campaign would start at the beginning of July, although no exact date has been set. A partnership with the Vienna cultural summer programme has also been reported as a possible option.

Vaccination parties have not yet been planned or suggested in other federal states.