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White House lawn troubles sink in

White House lawn troubles sink in

The White House faced another problem, this time, the geologists have to find a solution how to close the sinkhole on the presidential residence’s lawn. The journalists were the first who spotted the hole near the press briefing room last week, BBC reported.

The geologists suggest that the White House doesn’t naturally lend itself to sinkholes, most of them form from cavities in underground limestone. But Terry West, a professor of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences and civil engineering at Purdue University, believes that the geology at the White House is really not that type at all.’

According to Professor West, the fresh sinkhole on the lawn is more of a sandy clay material that is remnant from when the oceans were at a higher elevation. The White House sinkhole was covered up, it’s believed to be caused by recent heavy rainfall in the area, creating swamp-like conditions.

“It’s sort of fluids interacting with solids, and gravity taking effect,”

volcanologist, geologist and Democrat candidate Jess Phoenix told the New York Times. She added as well that the banal sinkhole is not definitely the gates of hell opening.

White House press pool and the social media started to joke about how close the hole is to the press briefing room.

 “It was noticeably bigger between Sunday and Monday,”

one White House correspondent said. After such a reaction and to avoid annoying surprises, the White House covered up the hole later in the afternoon.