Angelina Jolie having a breakdown over Brad Pitt

Last Updated: January 17, 2017

Angelina Jolie sometimes regrets that Brad Pitt does not live with his family, the insiders said. The mother of six now is understanding that the father is an important part of children lives, they need him every day.

The custody case got new development last week when Brad and Angie agreed on important points in custody and even published the first joint statement since their separation. Amid their annoying custody battle over kids, a source claims Angelina Jolie is struggling to make things work at home.

According to the insider’s info, Jolie didn’t always acknowledge it, but Brad was a huge help — breaking up fights, reading to the little ones. He used to cook for them too. The life without Brad became totally different for Angie, now she has to do everything, she’s overwhelmed and anxious all the time.

While Brad is looking good and fresh, Angelina is s barely sleeping and not eating. The stress caused with the divorce and too many changes in her and kids life are almost unbearable.

 the divorce helped Brad to open the new page in his life -- the actor looks relaxed and happy.After filing for divorce, the actress took six kids (Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, twins Vivienne and Knox) with her to Malibu. But their new, separate from Brad life, isn’t too fun and comfortable as Angie thought earlier.

The unexpected and bright appearance of Brad Pitt on the ceremony Golden Globe was a real surprise for his colleagues. The noted that 53-year-old Hollywood star looks much younger and shining. Probably, the divorce helped Brad to open the new page in his life — the actor looks relaxed and happy.