Jason Momoa performs the haka with Auckland’s UFC fighters while filming Aquaman

June 1, 2017

Jason Momoa is taking on a role in Aquaman, the highly anticipated sci-fi-superhero film. Game Of Thrones star made a pause in the shooting to hang out with the UFC Auckland team.

Aquaman with Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard is one of the most anticipated superhero films of 2018, so far, the actors are busy with shooting in Australia. While Amber Heard spends her day off with Elon Musk and his kids, Jason Momoa hangs out with the UFC Auckland team.

The 37-year-old was spotted in a video with the team performing the tradition New Zealand warrior chant before they hit the fighting ring. On the group photo, in it easy to recognise Jason by his long hair, he looks very aggressive and scary like Super Samoan fighter!

Jason Momoa with the UFC Auckland team

Momoa performed the traditional Maori chant with the local UFC fighters while they were in the Gold Coast getting ready for the next big fight night. We must thank Mark ‘Super Samoan’ Hunt, UFC fighter shared the video on Facebook:

‘Mean!!! Thanks brothers… Ready for war! #UFCAuckland’.

The legendary fighter also shared a snap of him and the actor to Instagram saying:

‘So good to have big Jason in the coast. Gave the big man a copy of Born To Fight, chur brother manuia’.

The release date for the upcoming Aquaman is still not known but the fans are enjoying the process of shooting, following the social media accounts of the movie stars like Momoa, Heard, Kidman.