Johnny Depp: The most overpaid actor of 2016 was also the most overpaid actor of 2015

January 7, 2017

Johnny Depp spent a very controversial year, he finished extremely scandalous divorce with Amber Heard who poisoned his life a lot. In the financial terms, Mr Depp wasn’t too lucky, he tops once again the list as the most overpaid actor in Hollywood.

According to the financial magazine, Depp returned about $2.80 for each dollar he was paid in 2016 and in 2015 as well. Depp last starred in Alice Through the Looking Glass, which generated a disappointing amount $300 million worldwide on a $170 million budget.

The other films included in this calculation are last year’s Mortdecai and Black Mass. The good news for Depp is that he won’t likely rank highly on next year’s list as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Yoga Hosers will likely have a better ROI.

The Top 10 Most Overpaid Actors Of 2016

Johnny Depp, returns $2.80 for each $1 paid
Will Smith, returns $5 for each $1 paid
Channing Tatum, returns $6 for each $1 paid
Will Ferrell, returns $6.50 for each $1 paid
George Clooney, returns $6.70 for each $1 paid

Adam Sandler, who was at the top of the 2013 and 2014 lists, wasn’t featured last year, made it this year at #6. That’s a success!