Sacha Baron Cohen will star in Mandrake the Magician movie

June 8, 2016

Hollywood star Sacha Baron Cohen is going to star in a new movie based on comics, of course. Superheroes’ theme becomes extremely popular recent years, and watchers are ready to make box-offices of such a films one by one. So, Warner Bros. is hoping Sacha Baron Cohen will star in Mandrake the Magician movie.

Whether Sacha Baron Cohen has the magic touch, management of Warner Bros. will know later, and now the studio hopes that comedian actor will play his role in the next comic-based movie ‘Mandrake the Magician’. Actually, planned movie will be a big-screen adaptation of the Lee Falk comic strip about a dapper prestidigitator who uses his powers of illusion and hypnotism to fight crime.

According to screenplay, magician is able no only to show the prestidigitaror show, but to fight with gangsters. Sacha Baron Cohen’s ability to make fun in every scene should make a new movie a real comedy. Movie creators want to insert into the scenario mad scientists and extraterrestrials too, because these characters are so entertaining and incomprehensible at the same time!

The Mandrake’s character was the subject of a 12-part serial released by Columbia Pictures in 1939. Time to make a real colorful movie based on vintage comics! Charles Roven’s Atlas Entertainment is producing.