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Angelina Jolie meets Syrian refugees in Iraq

Angelina Jolie meets Syrian refugees in Iraq

Angelina Jolie continues her activity as a humanitarian, the actress visited the Domiz Camp in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where live about 33,000 Syrian refugees displaced by seven years of civil war. In her speech, the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) special envoy urged to prevent the armed conflict like Syrian war.

Refugees camps in Iraq are suffering from the shortfall of money as a result of the world is failing to properly invest in the Syrian refugee crisis. After seven years of conflict, the families, women, and children have right for normal daily life but the refugees camp are becoming the terrible places.

Being met with Syrian refugees in Iraq, the Hollywood celebrity said that UNHCR funding fell drastically this year from 2017 when the agency received only 50 percent of the funds it needed.

“There are terrible human consequences. When there is even not the bare minimum of aid, refuge families cannot receive adequate medical treatment. Women and girls are left vulnerable to sexual violence, many children cannot go to school, and we squander the opportunity to invest in refugees,”

special envoy Jolie told a news conference.

UNHCR’s new report shows the current situation with refugees in the world

On Tuesday, the UNCHR will publish figures that show that the number of displaced people globally, and the duration of their exiles. According to Angelina Jolie, these are the highest they have ever been but the political solutions seem to be completely lacking leaving a void that humanitarian aid cannot fill.

‘Words like ‘unsustainable’ don’t really paint a picture of how desperate the situation really is,’

concluded Jolie.

She met families at the camp, including two mothers who are now widows caring for young children after their husbands died from conditions that could have been treated under normal conditions, Jolie said.