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Argentina Gets New President – Former Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri

Argentina elected its new president Sunday bringing an end to the era of President Cristina Fernandez who dominated the country with late husband for past twelve years.

Winning the election by 53 percent vote the new President Mauricio Macri addressed thousands of supporters saying this is a historic day and also the change of an era. The 56-year-old’s campaign promised reform of Argentina as well as to jumpstart the sagging economy of the country. Unlike Fernandez he would listen more and speak less as a president.

Macri was earlier mayor of Buenos Aires and also head of a popular football club. If believed to analysts the hard work for him starts now as the country has chronic inflation and also is suffering from unstable currency.

A 66-year-old retired teacher, Julia Juarez, said she is happy with the change as the people are tired of the current government and also tired of its corruption.