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Asma al-Assad: Syrian president’s wife treated for breast cancer

Asma al-Assad: Syrian president’s wife treated for breast cancer

Asma al-Assad, the Syrian first lady, has started the treatment, she was diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer at a military hospital in the capital city, Telegraph reported.

The official Syrian news agency reported that the first lady Asma al-Assad has started a treatment in Damascus military hospital. On Wednesday, the state media reported the British-born wife of President has a ‘malignant tumour’.  After a tumour was discovered in its early stages, the Syrian first lady posted a message on social media and uploaded a joint photo with her husband in hospital.

Asma is a well-educated British-born woman who used to work as an investment banker prior to marrying Bashar al-Assad. On the photo from Damascus hospital, she hooked up to a drip while smiling at her husband Bashar, who has led a brutal Russian and Iranian-backed campaign against rebels in an almost eight year civil war.

“With strength and confidence and faith, lady Asma al-Assad starts the first stage of treatment for a malignant breast tumour discovered in the early stages,”

the Syrian presidency tweeted alongside a picture of her receiving treatment and wished her a speedy and absolute recovery.

Later, the presidency posted another photo of the first lady waking, carrying a laptop in one hand and a cup in the other. Asma’s left wrist was bandaged but she can type.

“I belong to the (Syrian) people who taught the world steadfastness, strength and how to face difficulties. My determination comes from your determination and strength in the past years.”

Asma and Bashar are hoping for her speedy recovering

The 42-year-old Asma  was born in the United Kingdom where she earned a degree in computer science and French literature from King’s College London before working with Deutsche Bank. She met her future husband married her husband in late 90s in London where Bashar trained as an ophthalmologist.

Asma had at first shown some indication that he would be more reform-minded than his father, who was renowned for creating a brutal secret police state that crushed an uprising in Hama 1982. 2000, months after he succeeded his father Hafez al-Assad to become president.

During the eight longest years of the Syrian war, Asma always was beside her husband and President who refused to leave the war-torn country in 2015.