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Austrian priest cleared of trying to kiss German nun by Vatican

Austrian priest cleared of trying to kiss German nun by Vatican

A Vatican five-member Supreme Courted court has cleared a senior Austrian priest accused of sexual misconduct, National Catholic Reporter say. On Friday, the Holy See’s Court has published its official verdict on its website.

In 2014, Austrian Father Hermann Geissler was acused of sexual miscnduct by one of the nun Doris Wagner who insisted priest tried to kiss her during confession. A Canonical disciplinary procedure let Geissler off with a warning after accusations. Despite Wagner’s words, Father Geissler denied his inappropriate behaviour but had to resign in January after all.

Nun Doris Wagner who said Geissler kept her for hours, kneeling before him and made to hear how he loves her has commented his resignation and removing from Vatican. She was angry Geissler remains a priest in a community where “many young nuns live”.

This week, the five-member Supreme Court said in a statement that after careful examination the “serious” allegation could not be proved “with the required moral certitude”.

According to Vatican Court’s statement, the tribunal could not prove the crime “with the required moral certainty,” and “after a thorough examination of the case,” determined that Father Hermann Geissler was innocent.