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Barack Obama to campaign for Clinton in Miami

Barack Obama to campaign for Clinton in Miami

Barack Obama fully supports Hillary Clinton, and the motto of her company ‘Stronger together’ is well illustrated by such a support from the President of the United States. According to Clinton’s team, the acting president will give a speech in Miami this week. In Florida, Obama supports the candidate from the Democratic Party. 


Barack Obama will encourage Floridians to register to vote ahead of the state’s Oct. 11 deadline, the public can request tickets for the event online. The presidential race is in its final phase, in one month the USA got new President. Hillary Clinton was campaigning on Friday in Coral Springs, and Barack Obama will campaign in Miami this week, Miami Herald informed.

On Wednesday, Obama will be in Tampa to deliver a speech about the healthcare. The evening fundraising has planned for the Democratic Governors Association. The event scheduled at the Miami Beach home of Democratic donor and local lobbyist Alex and Tiffany Heckler.

Hillary has a support of the Vice President Joe Biden, on Monday, he will stump for Clinton in Orlando and Sarasota.