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Barack Obama named new national monuments in Western states

Barack Obama named new national monuments in Western states

Barack Obama made an effort to protect some areas of the federal land during his last days as a President. The politician named national monuments in Nevada and Utah.

The step was made regardless the opposition of local governments. The first area’s square is near 1.35 million acres. It was dubbed Bears Ears for the form and location of two buttes. Obama also named the Gold Butte, an area near Las Vegas, which square is around 121,500 hectares.

The President explained his decision with the wish to protect most significant American resources for descendants. Obama’s actions were criticized by local Republicans (who are often a ruling party in these states) and other supporters of the land’s use. President’s opponents argued such cuts would have negative consequences for states’ economy.

Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz called the move a slap in the face to the people of the state.

“[It is an attempt] to silencing the voices of those who will bear the heavy burden it imposes,” he said.

The official added local Republicans want to start to cooperate with the new President Donald Trump to change or remove Obama’s decisions. However, according to the statement, it’ll be difficult to reverse his decisions about national monuments as the President used the mechanism from the Antiquities Act of 1906. The situation can be changed only in case of the Congress’s participation.

Barack Obama confessed in the authorship of embarrassing love notes

People have different views on Obama and his presidency, but many of them can’t but agree the politician can easily laugh at himself. The recent interview with the former senior adviser David Axelrod threw new light on the President’s life as a student. Obama admitted he was a partier at Occidental College in California, but changed his behavior after moving to New York and admission to Columbia University.

“It’s true, I live[d] like a monk for three or four years, took myself way too seriously,” the President says in the podcast, which was released Monday.

Obama said that reading through his old journals reminded him just how badly he stumbled with women.

“Letters that I’ve written to girls [I’m] courting or something, they’re impenetrable,” Obama admits. “I mean, I don’t understand what I’m saying.”

Luckily, he realized a movie date was the way to go before meeting Michelle Obama  in 1989.