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Barack Obama’s gives speech in Milan: climat and wardrobe changes

Barack Obama’s gives speech in Milan: climat and wardrobe changes

Barack Obama made his another appearance with the speech about climate change on Monday, the ex-president was warmly welcomed by the local public in Milan Seeds&Chips: Global Food Innovation Summit.

Barack Obama visited Italy this week, On Monday, the former US President gave a keynote speech. The ex-president urged the United States to remain in the Paris Climate agreement, a key part of his presidential legacy on the subject.

The public highly appreciated it but stayed a bit perplexed with the style decisions – Mr Obama’s button-down shirt was off. Three buttons off seemed to be very frivolous even to Vogue Italy.

This wardrobe malfunction surprised people a lot, Barack Obama couldn’t just lose his signature tie during a speech in Milan, he decided to put some skin in the game.

The ex-POTUS talked climate change, post-presidency life and even took a shot at Trump, saying, “You get the politicians you deserve” when people don’t vote. The discussion seemed to be all business, even if the attire was all casual.

In fact, Milan summit and climate change speech of Obama are more important issues than the rarest malfunction of Obama’s wardrobe. Frankly, over eight-year-period of his presidency, the Americal leader was flawless, his and Michelle’s outfits were extremely well-balanced and coordinated.

In Milan, Mr Obama hosted a panel with his former White House chef Sam Kass.