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Bernie Sanders has become a viable solution for the Democrats

Bernie Sanders has become a viable solution for the Democrats

Bernie Sanders’ position in the Democratic nomination race has changed in recent weeks. Now it seems that the Vermont Senator has mesmerised the voters and he could be a hard contenter for Hillary Clinton after all. says The Washington Post.

With his bold ideas to bring economic security to the middle class, Bernie Sanders has snatched voters away from the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton. Americans had enough from a system they believe is made for the wealthy. And Bernie Sanders is the man to do so, as he is seen a man of the people, a politician that can keep his promises and do something for the economy.

Hillary Clinton might not be that popular after all

According to the same source, interviews with more than two dozen Sanders supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire reveal deep antipathy toward Clinton. And Bernie’s supporters look at the former Secretary of State like she’s the icon of the system they want extincted.

With overwhelming support recently, Bernie Sanders could set himself for a win in the Iowa caucuses Feb. 1 and New Hampshire’s primary Feb. 9. This support also means that Clinton is unlikely to be able to cast him as unelectable and impractical.

People tend to see Bernie Sanders as the candidate that is willing to fight for them, and not just for himself. A few months ago, the Vermont Senator was called “the Democratic Donald Trump” for his anti-establishment figures with populist appeal and the ability to draw massive crowds, says The Washington Post. Now, the threat looks as real as it gets for Hillary Clinton. If Sanders wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, this could give him a bump to push forward for the nomination.

Every chance should be exploited

“It’s just a question of trying to get momentum,” said Tad Devine, a Sanders adviser, quoted by the same source. Sanders and Trump also have similarities when it comes to trade and foreign policy. But supporters couldn’t have been more different.

People that sustain Sanders understand fully his policy proposals and are quite delighted with the fact that the Vermont Senator can’t be bought by big lobbyists, big corporate interests. Even when it comes to campaign donations, he always said that his average campaign contribution is $27. Compare this to the high-dollar fees Clinton received from Wall Street firms, and you’ll understand why people consider Sanders as one of them.

Bernie Sanders is a real threat for Mrs. Clinton

Accusing Sanders of flip-flopping on guns, being a foreign policy lightweight, and calling for plans that are unrealistic, Hillary Clinton has surely started to see Bernie Sanders as a threat, says The Washington Post.

Those who haven’t decided between Sanders and Clinton tend to be reserved in sustaining the Vermont Senator. They are worried about the fact that even the Democratic party isn’t alright with some of Sanders’ ideas. But with so many people behind his back right now, Bernie Sanders is surely looking confident towards the elections.