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Car bomb killed at least 6 people in Turkey

Car bomb killed at least 6 people in Turkey

Bomb, laid in the car, was blasted in Turkey’s eastern province of Elazig and resulted in martyrs 3 policemen. The car-bomb terroristic attack was organized by the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization, which has renewed its attacks in July 2015.

Three police officers killed in a result of car-bomb blasting in Elazig, east of Turkey. The responsibility for the martyr of three police officers and many injured people took the PKK, terroristic organization. An attack on the police station was condemned by the international community.

As a result of PKK’s car-bomb blast in Turkey were hurt about 100 people, mostly civilians, say the authorities of Elazig. Many injured people now transported to the nearest hospital, especially those in critical condition, which needs an urgent surgeon assistance.

The blast was the third after similar terroristic attacks in the city of Van and Hakkari, east and southeast of Turkey. In the Van attack injured over 70 people, two people died.

A car bomb ripped through a police station in the city of Elazig at 06:20 GMT as policemen arrived for work. Three officers were killed and 217 people were wounded, 85 of them policemen, PM Binali Yildirim reported.