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Boris Johnson in Brussels to meet EU counterparts

Boris Johnson in Brussels to meet EU counterparts

The newly-appointed Cabinet member Boris Johnson is due to meet his European Union counterparts. It is the first Mr. Johnson’s meeting in Brussel after appointing him as a Foreign Secretary. 

Boris Johnson started his activity as a newly appointed Cabinet member: for the first time, he meets in Brussels with the leaders of the EU. The agenda of this meeting consists issues regarding the current situation in the EU and migrants topic. And Mr Johnson, who led the Brexit-campaign, will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry as well.

Among the Brexit issues, the EU ministers will discuss the Nice terror and the Turkish situation, however, no formal discussions about Britain’s EU exit will be stressed. Unfortunately, due to delay (Jonson’s plane had to make an emergency landing), the UK Foreign Secretary was late for an informal dinner with Federica Mogherini on Sunday evening.

The EU ministers meeting will consider the migrant issue after the UK leaving. According to David Davis. the newly-created head of the Brexit Ministry:

“The EU migrants who come to the UK as a departure date nears may not be given the right to stay. There might have to be a cut-off point if there was a “surge” in new arrivals but any steps must be compatible with EU law.”