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Brexit is an opportunity to make a federal United Kingdom

Brexit is an opportunity to make a federal United Kingdom

The Great Repeal Bill, which has to be published Thursday following the triggering of Article 50 to exit the EU, opens the great perspective for the United Kingdom, even the making the federal UK, say experts.

The United Kingdom and the Brexit referendum have changed the country a lot, so, current political and economic situation could herald a further centralisation of the UK. According to the observers, UK’s exit from the EU may become a newfound opportunity to create the federal state.

The federal option is one that a past generation of British prime ministers, the only concern was Ireland; under current circumstances, many worry about the very survival of the UK. The statistical data shows UK’s poorer north and Midlands are 50-100 percent more dependent on EU trade than London. Consequently, these regions will suffer disproportionately more job losses from the hard Brexit.

Brexit: figures and perspectives

In other words, Brexit will deepen the gap between the poorer communities and richest people. The unemployment rate in the north-east (6.8 percent) is already twice as high as the south-east (3.5 percent), which meant to be the historic north-south divide is on course to widen even further. The exit of UK from the EU, unfortunately, will offer no parachute for poorer people where income levels are the fraction of those in the capital.