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Can Hillary Clinton rely on black voters from now on?

Can Hillary Clinton rely on black voters from now on?

The South Carolina Democratic primary came to a conclusion and it was one probably anticipated by almost all polls – Hillary Clinton has won a resounding victory over Bernie Sanders, by a margin of almost 50 points.

This should not come as a surprise, especially after the Nevada primary, also won by the former First Lady. What both of these states have had in common is the large portion of minority voters in the Democratic voting pool, a demographic which has consistently favored Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s ‘revenge’ was sweet

The situation does deliver somewhat of an irony, considering that 8 years ago, the same state and the same voting pool coalesced against her, delivering the resounding victory to the opposing candidate, the then-Senator of Illinois, Barrack Obama.

An analysis of Hillary Clinton’s win reveals that a tide of change has swept through the Democratic Party’s traditional voting pool. What may have seemed like a moment in time never to be recreated, back in 2008, was actually the start to a new current. Barrack Obama becoming the first black president of the United State of America has served to let African Americans know that they truly have a voice and coalescing together with other progressive, like-minded members of the Democratic Party will ensure that their plight is heard.

This is especially true since during the Obama administration the social and economic situation of minorities as greatly improved, with unemployment reducing and health coverage increasing. This has been correlated, however, with an even greater improvement for white Americans.

President Obama promised changes and he brought them

Barrack Obama’s promised a tide that would uplift all boats. And it did so, it lifted all boats equally. Any other measure would have been political suicide, since he was the first African American President. He could not afford to take any sides. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand is not held down by such constructs.

The reason she is such a favorite among minority voters is that she understands the specifics of their situation and her policies promise to address their specific situations – ones where their standards of living are lower than their white American counterparts. If anybody has any doubt as to whether or not this is the key to winning the votes of minorities, they need only to take a look at the Sander’s campaign platform.

Bernie Sanders forgot about minorities, in some way or another

Bernie Sanders speaks of income inequality and a rift created between the 1% and the 99%. His talk is based on number alone, though. No face or color has been attributed to the oppressor or the oppressed. Such a policy appeals to the young, the males and the white. This has been his voting pool so far, as mentioned by The Washington Post.

Following her resounding victory in South Carolina, it may be safe to assume that Hillary Clinton has crossed a line. She has taken on a huge responsibility through the promises she has made to the minority voters. And she has also proven that she has the ability to attract the support of the minorities. It remains to be seen, however, whether or not her minority-specific policies will continue striking a chord with white voters, who are still the majority of the voting pool in the United States.