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Catalonia issue: Madrid protests over talks policy

Catalonia issue: Madrid protests over talks policy

The right-wing Spanish nationalists demonstrated their vision of Catalonia issue, Madrid residents protested on Sunday against the call for early elections. People also opposed the talks between the government and Catalan pro-independence parties proposed by the Sanchez government.

Far-right groups were protesting on Sunday under the slogan “For a united Spain. Elections now!”, expressing their non-supporting proposal to hold talks with Catalonia separatists. For prime minister Sánchez and his Socialist party, the separatism issue had always been a party of the pre-election obligations. Now, the government is on the side of the dialogue, and attempts to resolve a crisis made worse by the previous PM while he was in power.

Around 45,000 people attended the protest in Madrid city centre, organisers said. Some banners at the rally read “Sanchez, liar” and “Spain is not negotiable and cannot be sold”.

Spain’s PM Sanchez faces mass protests against his policy on separatists

On Friday, the Spanish prime minister said the separatists had rejected its framework for talks. Demonstrators chanted “Spain! Spain!” and “We want to vote!” at the Plaza de Colon in the largest protest Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has faced since taking office eight months ago.

Both centre-right and far-right parties backed the rally, seeking to capitalise on anger with the socialist-led government over efforts to establish a dialogue with Catalonia’s separatist leaders.

Mr Sanchez government’s recent proposal to appoint a rapporteur in talks to address the Catalan independence crisis has galvanized the opposition, which has portrayed the move as a betrayal.