Today: Sunday, 21 April 2024 year

The Clinton Strikes Back: Hillary Disses Donald Trump

Avoiding sinking to the new low of insulting commentary by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton took the high ground and struck back against the Donald for his caustic comments regarding her.

It was on Monday evening, at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Trump told an audience of around 7,500 people that he knew why Hillary Clinton had disappeared during the latest Democratic Debate on Saturday night, and how she’d never won anything.

Trump dug deep below the belt striking out at Hillary saying that her missing from the debate after a recess was due to something “disgusting”. He then went on to insult Clinton for losing to Barack Obama during the 2007 presidential elections. He stated that she got beaten, “Schlonged” was his exact word. Trump didn’t hesitate his toilet humor and just cemented himself as a low-brow sort who will stoop to no low to invalidate or intimidate others.

Clinton responded by saying that, “We shouldn’t let anybody bully his way to the presidency.”


Hillary pointed out what many feel is Trump’s way of doing business. He bullies and insults and attempts to dominate others through low-blow insults and outright bullying. It’s a caharacteristic that the election process is developed not to support. Trump doesn’t care and will use it because it works well for him in the business world. His attacks on his own staff, other Republicans, and anyone who stands in his way. His attacks this time on Clinton shows a clear lack of better judgment on all fronts.

The backlash from the public is still rolling in regarding Trump’s dirty talk. Even his own constituents are taking up sides against him but that doesn’t affect his poll ratings. Trump is still in the far lead tailed by Ted Cruz and the rest of the Republican pack. Pretty soon that pack will shrink and the Democrats will have to deal with Trump as the lead for the rest of the election. There’s no telling if Trump will be the Republican nominee and it looks like he’s going to have to clear some high hurdles first. Trump’s loud mouth is both is detriment and gain. He gains the headlines by spouting the most irrepressible nonsense but mirrors the gut instincts of the rank and file. He says what others are afraid to say and that resonates with frustrated voters, especially the angry white middle class who don’t get the fact that Trump’s policies will spell their undoing.

Trump knows the common people won’t look at the statistics as to where the bulk of their tax dollars are going, primarily the military, and instead let the media and people like Trump point the finger at social programs which are a pittance of the tax burden in comparison to the military and corporate welfare.

Now that Trump has done the unspeakable yet again, will it turn around and bite him in the end? Add your comments below.