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Cocktail bar builds online simulation of the social experience

Cocktail bar builds online simulation of the social experience

Amid the pandemic, a Mexican cocktail bar in Monterrey has launched an online player that recreates the atmosphere of a bar. “I Miss My Bar” aimed at keeping customers happy during the non-stop lockdowns.

The bar could have its own online version, which reflects the atmosphere, decided the Maverick. The programmers have created the online player works like a jukebox, featuring a menu of ambient music and a collection of familiar sounds that listeners can mix up and adjust until they create the perfect bar ambience.

Thus, “I Miss My Bar”, the simple website features seven audio categories – including

  • “bartender working,”
  • “full room” and
  • “street ambience.”

The idea is as simple as genial. There is also the sound of cars driving by on the street outside and even the sound of rain on windows. An online version should create an atmosphere, the developers said.

“Hanging out with friends, deep conversations over Gin & Tonics, meeting great new people, the atmosphere… Even though these things will never be replaced, at Maverick we’ve made this modern digital artefact to keep you company while this awful pandemic, which profoundly affects our industry throughout the world, finally passes and we can meet again safely,” said Maverik.