Today: Friday, 12 April 2024 year

Courts To Hear Ultimate Net Neutrality Fate


In the first week of December, US courts are going to determine what is going to be the fate of the internet as we know it regarding Net Neutrality.

Three judges will sit in review of the evidence and decide the outcome that will either favor big business or keep a level and honest playing field for small and upstart internet based communications businesses.

The Federal Appeals Court in Washington will hear this monumental case that will put to rest what internet service providers can and cannot do.

What’s on the chopping block are the government’s Net Neutrality rules that ban telecom and cable companies from discriminating unfairly against the upcoming rivals. By enacting their muscle as the big boys to to manipulate what services you the consumer can access from their devices such as tablets, smartphones, PCs. Said providers could be given more power to favor their friend’s sites if the court sides with them.

The three judges charged with overseeing the hearing are Sri Srivinasan, Stephen F. Williams, and David S. Tatel. All three have their nuances that make them stand out from the crowd. Srivinasan is an Obama appointee, Williams is a Reagan appointee, and Tatel is a real piece of work. Blind, he’s an adrenaline extreme sports type who has already written decisions on this subject before the court.

In the crosshairs is the FCC which already has been held in misuse of its power to impose Net Neutrality on the internet providers. The decision came down but the judges, of whom Tatel was one of three, didn’t get into detail about what the FCC should be doing to make things right thus opening the door for debate and confusion.

That, of course, led to both sides of the fence writing about what should be done but their opinions contradict one another so that nothing can be done. Typical government in action where big business is concerned. That case, Verizon v. FCC took place in 2014 and of the three judges, Tatel is the only returning one. What’s funny here are both sides claiming to know what the interpretation of the three judge panel’s rulings are and both being in direct conflict. Since Judge Tatel is the only person who actually sat on the original panel, it will be entertaining to see how he interprets himself.

It’s sort of like looking at a dirty mirror to see if your face is clean. Tatel will have his work cut out for him for sure.