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COVID-19: French police hand out over 4,000 fines for violating lockdown

COVID-19: French police hand out over 4,000 fines for violating lockdown

French police act very active amid the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown to slow the pace of pathogen’s spreading. As France24 reported, the police handed out over 4,000 fines on Wednesday on people who violated an order to stay at home.

In France, 4,000 fines were marked the first full day of a lockdown aimed at slowing the spread of the COVID-19 in the country. Fine is the most striking signs of the increasing desperation of authorities trying to control the virus came in France, where a new decree allowed police to fine anybody breaking the lockdown €135.

In fact, that is more than triple the €38 fine first introduced on Monday, with the increase prompted by concerns that action so far has not been sufficient. In neighbouring Italy, fine is much higher, €135.

“Since this morning, we have begun procedures and 4,095 people were booked (for violating the rules),” the French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told during his interview to TF1 TV channel.

The official added that the fine was €35 yesterday, and now from today is €135 euros and it can go up to €375. “It should be a factor that dissuades people,” Castaner insisted.

Amid COVID-19 outbreak, from midday on Tuesday, people in France have been unable to go outside except on essential trips, for which they must sign a document stating where they are going.

Paris is full of plainclothes cops for controlling situation

The Interior Ministry allowed using the plainclothes cops for checking the documents on the streets of Paris. The policemen stop everyone to check if they have the required document to go out. “Our aim to is to protect the French. The best way to protect lives is to stay at home,” police said.

The pathogen outbreak and the lockdown raised too many questions, for instance, many French across the country were still taking walks and even jogging. Asked about this, Mr Castaner said this was permitted so long as people went outside alone.

The lockdown was officially announced on Monday, President Emmanuel Macron said the exercise was permitted, in contrast to the even tighter regimes in Italy and Spain.

“People are not going to stay cooped up, especially those who are not going to work, for the next fortnight. But please avoid doing it in a group,” Castaner said and reiterated that this is discipline and a civic mentality.

The interior top official warned as well that if needed police will be rigorous and will sanction people.