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COVID-19 vaccines now open to all ages in Vienna

COVID-19 vaccines now open to all ages in Vienna

Austria’s capital city, Vienna, welcomes people of all ages to vaccinate against the covid-19. As of Friday, anyone can now register for a vaccine.

Vienna city authorities say that the previous appointments for parents and children aged between twelve and 17 were very popular. The first 20,000 inoculation appointments for people aged 31 to 39, the last age category which had been restricted from vaccinating, will be made available on June 25th.

As Local Austria has learned, on Tuesday all 10,000 vaccination appointments were assigned within two hours. More than 30,000 further vaccination appointments were activated on the same day.

So far, there are just over 300,000 people in the above-mentioned age category, 20 percent of which have already been fully immunized and 45 percent have been partially vaccinated.

Last week, the Austrian authorities have decided to immunize the young people during the special vaccine parties.