Today: Saturday, 20 April 2024 year

Critical weekend before presidential nominations

Critical weekend before presidential nominations

Only two days separate us from the presidential nominations and candidates are using the little time remaining to carve more on their imagine as the perfect leader for the White House, says Politico.

The past months had had some interesting development. We finished the year thinking that we’ll surely have a duel between Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, but now it seems that the front-runners are not that sure that they’ll even win their party nomination.

Hillary Clinton should avoid making mistakes

Hillary Clinton will spend these two days remembering the 2008 election, when her perfect campaign got crushed in Iowa. Now, she’s likely to use her “not so secret weapon” Bill Clinton to ensure some ventage in her fight with Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. The  “democratic socialist”, as Sanders self-described him, gained some momentum after linking Clinton to Wall Street interests.

Democratic voters declared again and again that they want a leader that is not backing up rich comapanies. On Saturday, Clinton will get a boost from her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who will double as a high-wattage campaign surrogate in three Saturday stops, confirms the same source. Hillary Clinton will be quite busy before presidential nominations.

She will hold two events herself reuniting with her husband and daughter, Chelsea. One big family seems to be a good strategy when it comes to draining sympathy before presidential nominations. On the other side, Bernie Sanders will also have five stops, with an appearance in Iowa City alongside the band Vampire Weekend.

Can Trump maintain his advantage?

In the Republican contest, Donald Trump has a small advantage over Ted Cruz, according to recent polls. What looked like a lone race for the GOP nomination, now turned into a harder fight for the businessman. Although Trump received some aide from Iowa Gov.

Terry Branstad, who’s been against Cruz for opposing federal ethanol subsidies, a lifeline for Iowa farmers, Ted Cruz is breathing down Trump’s neck. On Saturday morning, Trump seemed overdosed with confidence, tweeting: “I will be in Iowa all day and until Tuesday morning. Finally, after all these years of watching stupidity, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”, said the mogul, according to Politico.

Trump vs Cruz clearly is more personal than Clinton vs Sanders. “Donald each day seems to be getting more and more dismayed, more and more rattled, and he responds by just launching personal insults and attacks. I am not going to insult Donald. I do think the voters are making a determination of who has been a consistent conservative.”, said Cruz to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, visible trying not to start a war of words with Trump, with only two days before presidential nominations.

Will Marco Rubio turn into the biggest surprise?

While there are only two that fight for the Democratic position, in the GOP camp Marco Rubio has been ascendant in recent days and could pose a threat. Rival Ted Cruz noticed that and declared that Rubio is no way capable of making a surprise.

“We’re seeing something really remarkable happening. The Washington establishment is abandoning Marco Rubio, because I think they’ve determined that he cannot win, and they’re flocking to Donald Trump.”, said Cruz, according to Politico.

Tension grows as we approach presidential nominations, with candidates going all-in for the big prize. These last two days will surely grant us some surprises.