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David Beckham is coming to South Africa next week

David Beckham is coming to South Africa next week

David Beckham, the British football star and icon style, is coming to South Africa next week. The purpose of his visit is attending at the Discovery Leadership Summit where people from all over the world are able to share the intellectual capital to contribute to leadership in business, government and civil society.

David Beckham, the football legend, is going to attend The Discovery Leadership Summit next week. The event is set in South Africa, that is a flagship, global thought leadership event, which enables the sharing of intellectual capital to make the lives better in the every corner of the world.

David Beckham will be there the key note speaker, the football player involved in a number of projects with the UN Children’s Fund and he has also embarked on a number of entrepreneurial ventures.

David Beckham and his family

David Beckham with his big family is the household name, ‘Beckhams’ is created by Victoria in early 2000s, the former Spice Girl decided to make her and David family not only rich but famous too. Now, the football player and the fashion designer have three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and daughter Harper.

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Vicky Beckham surprised the readers of the November issue of Vogue Australia magazine, being admitted she doesn’t have much of a “social life” because her four children are her “first priority” in life.

David Beckham’s wife was glad that her kids are very friendly and sociable in their ages. For an instance, Harper Seven has a better social life than Vicky did.

‘My children are all very happy and that’s the most crucial thing – they are happy, confident and secure in themselves,’

Victoria said. And whilst she can’t say for sure if her children will follow in her footsteps and get involved with her self-titled fashion label, the kids are showing an interest in her line of work and share her passion for style.