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Denmark stops offering Moderna vaccine to under-18s

Denmark stops offering Moderna vaccine to under-18s

Denmark’s health ministry stops offering the Moderna vaccine against the COVID-19 to the young generation. All those people under 18 will no longer be offered the jab from the Moderna labs, The Local Denmark reports.

The Danish Health Authority has confirmed that the Moderna vaccine will no longer be available for young people under the age of 18. The decision was described as a “precautionary principle,” the health authority said in a statement on Oct 6.

Meantime the Pfizer vaccine has been the main vaccine type offered to people in the demographic, the Danish people from 12 to 17 are able to inoculate with that jab. Following Sweden, the decision was taken by the Danish health ministry is “not least in light of the fact that the largest amount of data exists from use (of the Pfizer vaccine) for children and young people from particularly the United States and Israel,” Danish Health Authority head of department Bolette Søborg said.

Around 1,100 people under the age of 18 in Denmark have been given the Moderna vaccine, according to the authority.

A new Nordic study has assessed the risk of meningitis and myocarditis, both of which are known but very rare side effects of Covid-19 vaccination. Initial data has raised the possibility of increased risk of myocarditis with the Moderna vaccine.

Commenting on the unexpected decision, the Danish Health Authority said it would subsequently follow the assessment from the EMA and decide whether to change current recommendations accordingly.

Neighbouring Sweden announced earlier on Oct 5 that it would pause the use of the Moderna vaccine for people born after 1991.