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Donald Trump invites Rodrigo Duterte to Washington

Donald Trump invites Rodrigo Duterte to Washington

Donald Trump during the phone conversation expressed his desire to welcome Rodrigo Duterte in Washington. The official statement of the White House confirmed that fact and added that American leader enjoyed the Saturday conversation with the Filipino leader.

The US president invited Mr Duterte to Washington, during the phone call two leaders also addressed concerns over the North Korean crisis. The official statement of the White House press service gave no details regarding the future visit of Duterte but noted that Saturday conversation was “very friendly”.

It is obviously that the US-Philippines political ties started to head in a positive direction, now, President Trump is going to discuss the alliance with Duterte more thoroughly. In November, the American leader will visit the Philippines as part of two ASEAN summits.

The US president invited Rodrigo Duterte to Washington

Donald Trump will visit the Philippines in November

Donald Trump and his Filipino counterpart had a phone conversation about the future of the ASEAN, issues of the regional security, including the threat posed by the North Korean bomb tests.

In particular, Donald Trump touched on the issue of the war on drugs, for which Duterte was roughly criticised by the international community, not US President. Earlier, Trump even praised these efforts of the Philippine government, which aimed at the full victory over the powerful drug industry.

“President Trump enjoyed the conversation and said that he is looking forward to visiting the Philippines in November to participate in the east Asia summit and the US-Asean summit,”

reads the White House statement.