Today: Monday, 4 March 2024 year

Can Donald Trump predict world events?

In a recent speech, Republican Donald Trump has claimed that he has the incredible power to know in advance what is going out in the world, knowledge that include the rise of Osama bin Laden and the destabilization of the Middle East, says The Washington Post.

Winning in polls, it seems that Donald Trump has another card up his sleeve: predicting world events. “Another thing that I predicted is terrorism. Because I can feel it. My father always used to say … everything you touch just turns to gold, and he’s got a great sense of location and business and things.”, said Trump. According to the same source, the businessman claimed the terrorism prediction was made in one of his books.

A campaign presentation that lasted more than an hour

Donald Trump’s speech lasted no more than 75 minutes, with the Republican checking the key points in his campaign: bringing more jobs back to the United States and fighting Islamic State terrorists. Talking about the 9/11 attack, Trump claimed that he had told the world about the threat with more that one year before the disaster.

“I saw he was making trouble. He had a big mouth, and he was talking, Not that I know, but I watch, and I see, and I wrote. … That’s what it’s about: It’s about vision, folks. It’s about vision. If we took him out, if we took him out, we would have two beautiful buildings standing there instead of one okay building, all right? We would have two beautiful buildings standing there right now. We should have taken him out.”, stated the Republican presidency candidate, adding that if he’s words would have been listened, all those deaths could have been avoided.

Trump wants to bring back a controversial procedure

Then, Trump approached another sensible subject: waterboarding interrogation method. Seen as a torture technique by the Obama administration, Donald Trump said that bin Laden would not have been killed in 2011 if it wasn’t for this method, although a 2014 Senate Intelligence Committee report draw the conclusion that it didn’t produce any breakthrough intelligence in the bin Laden case. According to The Washington Post, Trump has said he would resume waterboarding and approve even more aggressive techniques.

In the part of the discussion regarding ISIS, Trump also stated that he doesn’t understand why President Obama refuses to use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorists”.

“Mosques are suspicious.”

“You can’t defeat somebody unless you’re willing to call them by the name — that’s the name, whether we like it or not. I know Muslim people, they’re phenomenal people, but there’s a problem in there… We do have to look at the mosques, very carefully. The mosques, a lot of things are happening in there, folks. A lot of things. A lot of things”.

Of course, Donald Trump couldn’t resist and claimed for a fourth straight day that celebrations existed in the Muslims community in New Jersey at the 9/11 attack. Trump said evidence of these celebrations exists, but “the liberal media” are hiding it.