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Donald Trump thinks seek advice from Bill Clinton

Donald Trump thinks seek advice from Bill Clinton

The US President-elect Donald Trump did not rule out the possibility to seek advice from former President Bill Clinton, after receiving a call “very kind” to the husband of his Democratic rival he had accused of the worst evils , according to excerpts of an interview aired Friday.

Playing calming after a presidential campaign tone of unprecedented violence, Donald Trump had already said on Thursday looking forward to receiving the advice of President Barack Obama, “a good man”, after meeting him at Home- Blanche.

In an interview on CBS, which will air in its entirety Sunday, journalist Lesley Stahl asked the Republican whether it intends to also seek advice from the former Democratic president Bill Clinton.

“He’s a very talented, well, it’s a very talented family. Certainly, I definitely think about it, “replied the Republican who won the election Tuesday and will take office on 20 January.

The issue follows a secret of the extravagant billionaire, who told that Bill Clinton had called to congratulate him.

“And it could not have been nicer. He said it was an incredible race. One of the most incredible he had ever seen. It was very, very, very, very nice, “said Donald Trump to the journalist.

About Hillary Clinton’s appeal to concede defeat on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, Donald Trump does not save his praise for the one he nevertheless called for the campaign “Hillary debauchery” and treated of “ringworm” while his supporters were yelling “Lock it” at every mention of his name.

“So Hillary called me and it was a lovely appeal and a tough call for it, I can imagine. Harder for her than it was for me. Finally for me it would have been very difficult. It could not have been nicer. She just said “Congratulations Donald, good job, ‘” he told CBS.

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“And I said,” I want to sincerely thank you, you were a great opponent. ” She’s really strong and very intelligent, “said Donald Trump.