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Donald Trump visits black church ‘to listen’

Donald Trump visits black church ‘to listen’

Donald Trump is doing his best to make the army of supporters bigger and more loyal. On Saturday, the Republican nominee visited the black church in Detriot. The purpose of Trump’s visit was ‘to listen’ and ‘to learn’ from the Afro-American people who live in Detroit.

Donald Trump decided to make another unexpected move– the Republican candidate, whom many call racist, visited a predominantly black church in Detroit. During his speech in that community, Donald Trump called for a “civil rights agenda of our time” and vowed to fix the “many wrongs” facing African-Americans.

Trump understands very well, that Hillary Clinton has much more supporters from black American people than he has at the moment. So, Saturday’s visit to a black church is trying to expand his appeal beyond his GOP base. It was the first Trump’s visit and speech in front of a largely minority audience for the candidate who typically attracts overwhelmingly white crowds.

The Bishop Wayne T. Jackson introduced to the community the Republican candidate, being added:

 “This is the first African-American church he’s been in, y’all! Now it’s a little different from a Presbyterian church.”