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Duterte advices Qatari businessmen to shoot corrupt customs personnel

Duterte advices Qatari businessmen to shoot corrupt customs personnel

Rodrigo Duterte is bending its line, perhaps this approach and reassures its international partners. No corruption at all stressed Duterte.

This week, the Philippines President stressed that he would not condone any form of corruption during his watch, during the Philippines-Qatari meeting, he even advised Qatari businessmen to shoot corrupt customs personnel.

Philippine-Qatar business forum on Saturday showed an interesting result, Duterte advised to kill the corruption in its very beginning. According to Mr Duterte:

“I have offered the Philippines not only to the familiar businessmen and even the mining and all, it’s open for everybody. And there is no corruption. Because the one thing that pulled my country down all these years was corruption,”

Philippines leader added.

Duterte about corruption 

Duterte said he has fired several officials implicated in corrupt activities including a Cabinet member and a friend who have been with him when he was still mayor of Davao City.

He was referring to former Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno, who was dismissed over alleged irregularities in the purchase of firetrucks from Australia and former National Irrigation Administration chief Peter Laviña, who was accused of asking money from contractors.

The Philippines leader also promised to honour contracts and obligations as required by the Constitution of the state.

“You know there are officials in government receiving 2,800,000. I should be firing them before the end of the month. All of them. Because why? I am envy because mine is only 130,000,”

Duterte added.

“I do not sign any allowances. I live by my salary,”

President explained.