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Edward Snowden to apply for Russian citizenship

Edward Snowden to apply for Russian citizenship

Edward Snowden and his wife are expecting their first child whose citizenship reportedly will be Russia. That made the 37-year-old Snowden apply for Russian citizenship while also keeping his US nationality, he confirmed Monday.

Edward Snowden preferred to flee the United States after leaking top-secret files on US government surveillance activities. Following that escapade, he was given asylum in Russia where he lives for the past seven years.

In October, Snowden has finally received permanent residency, and according to his lawyer, the American is going to apply for Russian citizenship.

Additionally, Snowden’s wife, Lindsay Mills, announced last week that the couple is expecting their first child, who will be born in the Russian capital. Edward wrote on his Twitter that ‘era of pandemics and closed borders’ made him and his spouse revise the entire situation. Now, they are just applying for dual U.S.-Russia citizenship because years of separation from their parents showed the importance of the family.


The 37-year-old activist added that Lindsay and he will remain Americans, raising their son with all of the values of the country they love and respect.

“And I look forward to the day I can return to the States, so the whole family can be reunited. Our greatest wish is that, wherever our son lives, he feels at home,” Snowden wrote.

Federal judge orders Edward Snowden to forfeit book, speech proceeds totaling more than $5 million so far.

Mr Snowden still faces espionage charges in the United States

This April, Russia relaxed the rules on receiving its citizenship. Until 2020, foreigners wishing to become Russian citizens were required to first renounce their other citizenships. But a new law allows Snowdens to apply for a Russian passport without giving up his American one.

Meantime, Edward Snowden faces espionage charges in his native country. With almost frozen relations between Moscow and Washington, Russia has refused to turn Snowden over.

In 2016, a declassified House Intelligence Committee report alleged Snowden has been in contact with Russian intelligence services, a claim Snowden denied at the time. While President Trump said in August that he was considering pardoning Snowden, he said returning to the United States is the “ultimate goal.”